CCTV Footage Cross-Stitch

Oh man, I don’t think this could be any more in my wheelhouse: cross-stitch embroideries of CCTV camera images by Francine LeClercq . I’ve always had a soft spot for cross-stitch — it’s the ur-pixel art — and to see low-res, compressed, B&W security camera footage done in

The Snowdrop: Lost in the Arctic

“Captain or anyone who receives this message shall receive remains of the Dundee whaler Snowdrop, collided with an iceberg. No hope. 14th November, 1908. Sinking fast.”

Drawing Media, an Interview With Nick Catucci

Edith here. For the next installment of my newish illustrated column here on Kottke dot org, I talked to my friend Nick Catucci . Nick edits the excellent newsletter Embedded , which partially inspired me to start this column. (Specifically, Embedded has an interview series

Are the Kids Alright When They Grow Up?

This is a teenager is an interactive data visualization by Alvin Chang about a group of American teenagers that have been tracked in a longitudinal study since 1997 (they are around 40 years old now). The video version of the visualization is embedded above. A year from now,

Purple mountain

For a truly ‘naive melody’, listen as musicians try to mirror a song in realtime, accompanied by a dreamy animation - by Aeon Video Watch at Aeon


The blank page

Sometimes, we’re so afraid of creation that we don’t even leave blank pages around. If your workspace has a hole exactly the size of a creative idea in it, you’re more likely to fill the hole. When we decrease the number of steps to begin creating, and increase the expectation