EU enlargement: What does the future hold?

To “widen” or to “deepen”. This has been one of the longstanding dilemmas throughout European Union (EU) history, and a perennial sticking point in the unending process of European integration. In its time, the UK championed a wider EU, while France pushed for a deeper one. The

Blinken to China to fuss about support for Russia

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Beijing soon to raise concerns about China’s support for Russia’s defense industrial base and its purchase of Iranian oil products. Blinken’s China trip was announced after Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific

Apply Israel-Iran lessons to Taiwan

There is still a great deal to learn about Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel. Even so, it is very clear that if such an attack were launched by China against Taiwan, the results could well be dismal and Taiwan would suffer greatly. If there is one clear lesson from

Trump plan to devalue dollar a gift to China

TOKYO — Donald Trump would make currency devaluation great again in a second term. Surrogates for the former US President are telegraphing a strategy to weaken the dollar unilaterally to advantage exporters. As Politico reports, for example, Trumpworld is “actively debating”

US Navy can’t hide its flagging fleet

The US Navy faces shipbuilding delays and setbacks threatening multiple critical capabilities, challenges the service is apparently trying to hide from public view and scrutiny. The US Navy broke with tradition by canceling ship briefings at its largest US trade show, the

Remembering Cambodia’s genocide in a corner of Africa

Kigali, RWANDA- April 1975 was a cruel month for millions of Cambodians. Forty-nine years ago, on April 17, the Khmer Rouge finally captured Phnom Penh after a five-year civil war with the US-backed Lon Nol regime. One million residents and another million refugees in the

Charting the future of the US alliance network

Last week’s US-Japan alliance bilateral summit between President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Kishida Fumio not only launched more than 70 deliverables that spanned the interagency, across the defense, across space, education, and technology, it also launched a new trilateral

Yen hits 34-year low, defying end of negative rates

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) raised interest rates for the first time in 17 years on March 19, bringing an era of negative interest rates to an end. The key rate was hiked from –0.1% to a band from zero to 0.1% – a token effort to offer some tightening after decades of loose but