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Johnson foreign aid text despite conservative outcry

Welcome to The Hill's Defense & NatSec newsletter {beacon} Defense &National Security Defense &National Security The Big Story Johnson rolls out foreign aid text despite conservative outcry President Biden came out in support of Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) proposal

EU enlargement: What does the future hold?

To “widen” or to “deepen”. This has been one of the longstanding dilemmas throughout European Union (EU) history, and a perennial sticking point in the unending process of European integration. In its time, the UK championed a wider EU, while France pushed for a deeper one. The

Mister Goblin – “Run, Hide, Fight”

Next week, Mister Goblin will release his new album Frog Poems . So far the indie rock project of Sam Goblin (of Two Inch Astronaut fame) has shared “ Goodnight Sun ” and “ The Notary ,” and today he’s back with the beautifully off-kilter “Run, Hide, Fight.”

Blinken to China to fuss about support for Russia

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken will visit Beijing soon to raise concerns about China’s support for Russia’s defense industrial base and its purchase of Iranian oil products. Blinken’s China trip was announced after Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific

Study identifies new metric for diagnosing autism

Autism spectrum disorder has yet to be linked to a single cause, due to the wide range of its symptoms and severity. However, a recent study suggests a promising new approach to finding answers, one that could lead to advances in the study of other neurological conditions.

Protecting brain cells with cannabinol

Scientists created four cannabis-derived CBN analogs (chemical look-a-likes) with enhanced neuroprotective properties and potential for therapeutic application in neurological disorders like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and traumatic brain injury. Their findings reveal novel