Let's Talk About Diablo IV's Most Controversial Change

The first thing I did in the Diablo IV beta was try to roll. After playing games for 30 years I’ve internalized two important things: Always check behind the waterfall, and rolling is always faster than walking. So I rolled. And it was faster. And then I tried to roll again and

The New Bayonetta Prequel Makes Up For 3's Bad Ending

After suffering my way through Bayonetta 3 ’s final act , I’d all but written off any subsequent Bayonetta video game and moved on to greener character-action game pastures . While I still stand by the closing statement in my review that I’ll never replay Bayonetta 3 ever

Diablo IV Is The Perfect Head Empty, Kill Stuff Game

Diablo is one of those games you’ve definitely played—even if you haven’t. It’s so influential in its design, from its RPG mechanics to its loot and progression systems, that the franchise has its demonic horns stabbed through countless other games from Borderlands and Destiny