EA Made A LotR Game With A Tiger Woods Engine

Making video games is very hard. It can take years of work to ship even a small game. One aspect that can take up a particularly large amount of time and resources is building a custom engine, which is why many devs utilize Unreal, Unity, or another pre-existing engine to help

GameStop Gets Into Holiday Spirit With More Layoffs

In the spirit of Christmas and the ruthless pursuit of meme stock shareholder value , GameStop carried out its latest round of layoffs on Monday ahead of its new earnings report, which is due out later this week. The cuts reportedly hit staff working on the company’s crypto

The Death Of DJ Game Fuser Is A Huge Bummer

Fuser , the DJ game from original Guitar Hero creator and Rock Band studio Harmonix, is shutting down its live service content and ceasing sales. This comes just two years after the music-mixing game launched—and it’s honestly a big bummer. Read more...

Dwarf Fortress' Steam Upgrade Was Worth The Wait

Dwarf Fortress ’ reputation precedes it. Likely the most intensely detailed simulation game ever devised, its strategic depths, which grow deeper each new update, are rivaled only by the modestness of its text-based visuals. But now, 16 years after its debut, a new Steam (and

300 QA Devs Unionize At Microsoft-Owned ZeniMax Studios

The gaming industry’s recent wave of labor organizing just exploded. Roughly 300 quality assurance staff at ZeniMax , which includes developers across Bethesda and other studios on games like Starfield and Elder Scrolls Online , announced today that they will unionize with the

The Best Shooters Of 2022

2022 was a good year for shooter fans. While the launch of a new shooter title (FPS or otherwise) is pretty common every year, the variety we received in 2022 was fantastic. From massive, online battle royales to smaller, quirky indie shooters and everything in between, this