We Don’t Trade with Ants

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The Mao-Kissinger Meeting of 1973

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This Game's Like Stardew Valley But With An RPG On Top

I sit down at my Summer Game Fest Fae Farm hands-on expecting just another Stardew Valley clone, another cozy game that will temporarily capture the attention of Disney adults and children. But within minutes, I realize I am very wrong. Sure, Fae Farm has crops you can farm,

US authorities charge Russians in crypto hack

Welcome to The Hill's Technology newsletter {beacon} View Online Technology Technology The Big Story DOJ charges Russians in hack of crypto exchange The Department of Justice on Friday unsealed charges against two Russian nationals accused of participating in a 2011 hack of

Q&A on Trump’s Federal Indictment

On June 9, the Department of Justice unsealed a 44-page indictment against former President Donald Trump detailing allegations not only of mishandling sensitive classified documents after he left office, but of obstructing federal officials who tried to get them back. Here, we

Trump indicted in classified docs case

Welcome to The Hill's Defense & NatSec newsletter {beacon} Defense &National Security Defense &National Security The Big Story Trump faces 37 counts in classified documents case The former president is accused of having kept secret files on everything from U.S. nuclear

Is China challenging the US in Its own back yard?

Is the Monroe Doctrine about to meet Xi Jinping Thought? Cuba, the Caribbean Sea island and Cold War remnant isolated from its northern neighbor for most of the past 60 years, has agreed to let China construct an electronic spy base on its territory, according to the Wall

Five takeaways on the Trump indictment

Details of the Justice Department’s months-long investigation into former President Trump’s handling of classified documents went public on Friday after prosecutors successfully sought an indictment. Trump is set to make his first court appearance on Tuesday afternoon in Miami