Scientists say mine plan claiming no swamp harm has errors

SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Scientists for the federal government say documents that Georgia state regulators relied upon to conclude a proposed mine won't harm the nearby Okefenokee Swamp and its vast wildlife refuge contain technical errors and “critical shortcomings” that render them unreliable.

The Assassin’s Teapot

The assassin’s teapot is certainly an eye-catching name for pottery, but there’s also an interesting bit of physics going on here. The teapot in question has two separate chambers for holding liquid, and the flow out of the pot from each chamber can be controlled by covering

Republicans at odds over DeSantis attacks against Trump

Welcome to The Hill's Campaign newsletter {beacon} Campaign Report Campaign Report The Big Story Republicans at odds over DeSantis attacks against Trump While former President Trump is awaiting potential charges over his possible role in hush money payments during the 2016

Georgia governor signs law curbing transgender care for kids

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia will ban most gender-affirming surgeries and hormone replacement therapies for transgender people under 18 with a new bill signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp on Thursday.Lawmakers gave final approval to Senate Bill 140 on Tuesday, despite impassioned pleas from Democrats and LGBTQ advocates against what has become the most fiercely contested bill of Georgia's 2023 legislative session.

These 10 states have not expanded Medicaid

State lawmakers in North Carolina reached a deal Thursday on Medicaid expansion, ending a decadelong fight in the state over whether to accept federal funding to expand the program that will provide health coverage to low-income adults. The agreement in North Carolina on the

Tech consulting giant Accenture cutting 19K jobs

The global tech consulting group Accenture on Thursday announced it’s laying off roughly 19,000 people as it works to cut costs, streamline operations and grapple with a difficult economic landscape. The Dublin, Ireland-based company said in a filing with the Securities and

Ron DeSantis Looks Like a Loser

For more than a month now, Donald Trump has been calling his main rival for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a pedophile. That’s not really an exaggeration. While Trump has refused to settle on a nickname for his primary rival,

Survey: Writers Have More Leverage Than Studios in WGA Talks

Entertainment-industry pros believe the writers have more leverage than the studios as they begin negotiations over a new contract, according to an exclusive new survey. One-third of respondents gave TV scribes a vote of confidence, as opposed to one-fifth who touted the